Check list for calculating risk of cataract surgery, adults (phaco), PS
age above 85 higher risk   PXF.... loose zonules  
dm...? acular drops/CSME risk   previous vitrectomy  
lives alone..?overnight stay   dm maculopathy/pre-prolif  
warfarin, must have (eg new valve) INR </=3.0 cannot lie still GA, with head back otherwise high risk  
warfarin, if not vital stop 3d before   macula soft drusen (may deteriorate after surgery)  
marked blepharospasm
consider GA, otherwise high risk
  refraction anisometropia/myopic surprise/patient aware/patient wants  
nasolacrimal duct obstruction with previous dacrocystitis DCR first   high BP ideal <150 systolic
BP related to CME risk, especially if diabetic
general health poor for age, etc   obesity  
problems other eye   anxious  
only eye   glaucoma pressure spike/rise postop  control before hand  
mature / anterior cortical  require vision blue (used in other cases too eg shallow AC, any poor view)   blepharitis/ dry eyes marked treat first (with blepharitis Rx) eg 3 months /atopic conjuncitivitis  
enothelium fuchs (=post op corneal oedema) axial length <22.0 (<22.5) .   Consent include... multiple operations, high pressure, infection, bleeding, loss of vision, loss of eye  
anterior chamber shallow...difficult surgery..........   deep set eyes surgery far more difficult  
can lie flat...breathing OK   any current investigations/current health problems  
tamulosin...flomax   small pupil or similar ocular problem  
anterior chamber deep..loose zonules > 27.0 (26.5)   previous trabeculectomy.......may fail