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Sickle Cell Retinopathy

David Kinshuck




  • much more likely to raise IOP
  • may need paracentesis, TPA, anterior chamber washout, and gonio-aspiration
  • can carry out the paracentesis if IOP very high on slit lamp

Vitreous haemorrhages

  • the new vessels fans can bleed
  • to manage a dense haemorrhage
    • b scan to check retina flat
    • wait for blood to clear
    • Avastin no wont close the large  vessels that are being pulled by the vitreous
    • laser when clear
    • if lots of traction with a persistent haemorrhage, then a vitrectomy may be needed


Goldberg classification

  • see
  • arteriolar constriction in periphery
  • arteriolar venular anastomosis at junction of perfused and none-perfused retina
  • vitreous haemorrhage
  • retinal detachment

Retinal vascular occlusions

  • Ss arterial occlusions
  • sc venous, need treatment