Good Hope, Heartlands, and Solihull Eye Clinics

Recurrent corneal erosion  alcohol delamination technique

David Kinshuck


  • 2 % fluorescein to stain, dilute with saline, wait for stain a few minutes
  • measure total area of negative and postive staining
  • Draw..won't see in operating room


  • 20% alcholol for 30 seconds, ethanol, and dilate into one ml syringe, 0.2.
  • Take needle off, distilled water or saline or bss to 1 ml level and mix in another galipot, but suck into syringe
  • Just treat the area with a special well for 30 seconds, and then suck the alcohol up
  • With dry swab remove epithelium sheath,
  • an use a blade, create a bare area, then bandage contact lens
  • chloramphenicol drops, make sure contact lens stays on when drape removed
  • Sample....mount on water on some paper, packaging, spread over, then dry and tissue settles flat, then formalin to fix > histology
  • Lasts 1 y, may need to repeat