Good Hope, Heartlands, and Solihull Eye Clinics

Psychological issues and visual loss

David Kinshuck


None organic visual loss (notes from MOS 2013, AJ)

  • part of post traumatic stress disorder
  • involve acuity, field, motility !convergence spasm!, pupils, lids..blepahorspasm
  • Real eye problems in addition
  • Examine: refract,crossed cycls blurring, red,green, etc
  • check cornea for keratoconus
  • 24  cases.....Andrew jacks...audits,
    • extreme combat ..seen people blown up etc
    • 9 spasm and NOVL
    • Every poly trauma has blurred vision
    • 22 were monocular, 2 had bilateral visual loss
    • 4 malinger
    • refractive causes all detected with monocular test 
    • 80% recovery, all referred offered psychiatric services
    • the other 20% had severe mental health problems
    • needs honest approach