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Macula lamellar hole 

David Kinshuck



The macula is the centre of the retina

The macula is the name of the central area of the retina. A macular hole is a hole in this centre of the area, the fovea.

macula is the centre of the retina (yllow circle)

the fovea is the area of central retina
(yellow circle)  enlarge












Lamellar hole, partial thickness

This is a half-thickness hole in the fovea. It causes distortion of central vision, or missing letters in word. An example would be missing the 'g'  in 'age'. The cause in this cause is an epiretinal membrane BJO 2013. 80% of lamellar holes remain stable, 20% do can be helpful in this group. leaflet


lamellar macula hole

a lamellar macula hole due to an epiretinal membrane  enlarge


  • lamellar hole with and without erm Retina15
  • erm Retina15
  • lamellar holes are either degenerative (no surgery) or part of an ERM (epiretinal membrane: surgery may help some patients)
  • If there is a signigicant epriretinal membrane (wrinkling of the retina) surgery to remove the membrane may help, but results are mixed IOVS 2011.    But without surgery, sight deteriorates BJO 17
  • surgery AJO 19
  • vision depends on retinal damage Retina 19
  • outcome of surgery better if a pseudohole Retina 19