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David Kinshuck


Please tell me what you think about our web site or services. If you provide us with your contact information, we will be able to reach you in case we have any questions. Generally no reply can be sent.

If you are a patient attending the clinic, and would like to tell other patients your story on this web site, please send your contibution in. It will be kept annonymous, although the webmaster cannot promise it will be published on the site. David.kinshuck at (replace at with @).

About this site

This site is aimed at patients with eye conditions, their relatives, and professionals. I endeavour to keep up to date, but appreciate this is not always the case. Many links seem to expire very quickly! I appreciate your feedback …it is really helpful if you can let me know if there are broken links or more serious errors. Good Hope is a district general hospital eye department, and so we do not treat patients with more complex eye conditions, and I personally do not treat children, so naturally these aspects of the site are very weak.

You are welcome to contribute...please let me know  David.kinshuck at (replace a with @).

Photographs have been taken by photographers at Good Hope, who are based at Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre (BMEC). Sarcoid case presented by Ajith Kumar at BMEC. Photographers have included Laura Banks, Nicola Patt, Jonas Brane.