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Conjunctivitis notes

David Kinshuck




  • inferior ..toxic
  • inferior and superior..allergic
  • alternative treatment: Azithromycin  2 twice a day for 3 days, preservative free , box 6 doses

Cicatrising conjunctivitis

  • review Eye17
  • > 60% mmp
  • pain ulceration at other sites
    ? 2 diseases
  • Without systemic 30%
  • Dry eye, rosacea,
    Investigate off steroid
  • biopsy, immunofluoresce
  • Take normal tissue, bulbar conjunctiva, buccal mucosa,
  • Topical steroids, avoid in mmp...systemic treatment, if get infection, dont see infiltration
  • Systemic treatment
    • Cyclophosphamide and systemic steroids , mycophenylate, dapsone..mild, sulphapyridine, rituxamide , intravenous globulin, Basement membrane proteins attacked, T and b cells, scarring from fibroblasts, Current therapy,
  • Tacrolimus not effective




subepithelial infiltrates from adenoviral conjunctivitis

This is a type of very infectious viral conjunctivitis.

  • text link see
  • steroid or Cyclosporine drops may help if there are subepithelial infiltrates
  • (Cyclosporine not licensed)
  • Eye 17  Eye 17



Hot climates

microsporidial keratoconjunctivitis    ... fungus