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ARMD and risks for the other eye
Unfortunately age related macular degeneration can affect the other eye. See healthy lifestyle above: this may help. If you do notice a change in your sight, see distortion above. See a search . Risk from drusen.
  • The atrophic or dry type usually does occur in both eyes, but remember this generally gets only worse slowly.
  • There may be a gap of years before the process begins in the second eye.
  • If one eye has had wet ARMD, and the other eye has a PED, then screening with regular OCTs may help.

Concerning neovascular or wet type ARMD....

  • The neovascular or wet type can also affect the other eye, at an overall rate of 90% over the next 5 years.
  • High blood pressure, one large drusen near the fovea, 5 drusen in the macular area, and retinal pigment epithelial changes each contribute to this 90%.
  • So if you have only one of these risk factors, such as 5 drusen and a low blood pressure and don't smoke, then the progression rate is 90/4, that is about 23% over a 5 year period . If you have 2 risk factors, 45%.
  • But if you have 2 risk factors (45% 5 year risk) and your partner smokes 20/day, your risk is 45 x2 = 90% over 5 years...see immediately below.
  • The figure is 4 times higher for smokers, and twice as high for passive smokers. (If smoking at 20 cigarettes/day.)
  • the active phase may last 3-12 months, with the sight deteriorating during this time, and after that they may be little change. Treatment (laser & drugs) is needed during the active phase, and is of no help later. Anti-VEGF treatment may be needed for 2 years.


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