Good Hope, Heartlands, and Solihull Eye Clinics

Case 19 wet armd

David Kinshuck

Patient: repeated lucentis for recurrent fluid formation

  • 1924 date of birth, male
  • 2008 Left wet age macular degeneration: distortion of vision over the previous few weeks, 6/6 right, 6/12 left. Right eye drusen only. left eye has two small lobules of retinal pigment epithelial detachment, no exudate or retinal haemorrhage, no fluorescein angiogram available
  • 2009-10 Fluid in left eye responds to lucentis then recurs. 8 Lucentis injections in this period.

Lucentis flattened the retina (2009 photos on left above). But fluid reaccumulates needing Lucentis, as in September 2000 (photos right above, blue arrow)