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Case 18 wet armd....patient unable to attend for lucentis

David Kinshuck

Patient, age 90, female had 3 lucentis injections for wet neovascular armd, with  a good response, shown by the OCT (2) and photo above the OCT. She was unable to attend for follow up for 6 months, and the condition deteriorated.

This weeks photo, with a haemorrhage (black arrow), and obvious intraretinal oedema, probably with a neurosensory retinal detachment (1). Further lucentis has been arranged.

This compares with the post lucentis treatment 6 months previously, with a flat retina (2), and blue line for retinal thickness. Note the increased oedema (black curly arrow, green is today's thickness, blue is retinal thickness at the previous visit).

wet armd gets may get worse without treatment

The straight arrow points to  a small haemorrhage. Figure '1' points to a foveal cyst, together with intraretinal fluid. This scan was taken 6 months after the scan on the right.

The '2' indicates the healthy foveal contour (a slight dip). This scan was taken after a course of lucentis, which had been very effective. 6 months after the scan on the right was taken. 

The green line indicates the retinal contour for the scan on the extreme left. The blue line and curly arrow indicate the retinal contour on the immediate left.