Good Hope, Heartlands, and Solihull Eye Clinics

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Appointments at Good Hope

Appointments at Good Hope

How to change your appointment

Telephone 0121 424 9651 & 424 9529 9am-4pm. Have your patient number ready. Please ring back if there is no reply.
It is important that you let the clinic know if you are unable to attend. This is important to reduce costs to the NHS, and reduce the time you will have to wait for an alternative appointment.
If you fail to attend your appointment without letting the clinic know, no further appointments will be sent. Your General Practitioner will have to refer you for a further appointment.

Attending on time

It is important to try to attend on time. If you are late, it may hold other patients up. This may seem unfair when may be kept waiting yourself. We are trying to reduce waiting time, but in a busy department inevitably problems arise, such as emergencies, or phone calls about patients with urgent problems.

Ambulance transport

The first visit ambulance is booked by your GP if you ask him/her. After that book the ambulance for the next visit on the way out. If you forget, contact your GP once again.

Minor problems

If you have problems with your glaucoma drops or after laser for instance, ring sister/staff nurse: 424 7664.

Mistakes & Appointments not sent

If a doctor (or whoever) said an appointment would be sent, but it hasn't been, ring the department: 0121 424 9651 & 424 9529  9am-4pm. Ring back if there is no reply.

If you think you should be given an appointment, and the clinic clerk cannot give you one, or you are unhappy with your appointment (or lack of one) discuss the situation with your GP, or ring or write to the appropriate consultant's secretary.