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A squint is the condition when the right and left eye look in different directions. So, while one eye seems to look straight ahead, the other will appear to look left or right, or up or down. See.
An adult who has a squint or weakness of their eye co-ordination may notice no problems,  or double vision, blurred vision or head-aches. The squint may have been present for years or may be more recent.
The websites here explain the condition in more detail.
Sometimes the eye that is not doing the work, that is the eye that turns left or right whilst the other looks straight ahead, is a 'lazy' or 'amblyopic' eye.


Amblyopia means the eye does not see as well as the healthy eye. Amblyopia in adults is not curable ..although an operation may make the lazy eye point in the same direction as the good eye...the eye still will not see any better after the operation.

The amblyopia is due to poor connections between the optic nerve neurons and the brain, mainly in the lateral geniculate body part of the brain. A healthy nerve, when the child is less than 5 years old, will develop normal connections with the brain. But if the eye is does not see properly or points in the wrong direction, the brain will ignore the visual image, and the connections will not develop properly.

Causes of squints

The causes of squints in adults include



Treatment for adults includes

Orthoptic exercises

Orthoptic exercises may help to reduce some or all of the symptoms in an adult.Prisms Prisms may be used in the treatment of double vision. A type of prism called a Fresnel prism will 'stick' onto the lens of  a pair of glasses and will join the double images.




There is no upper age limit for squint surgery. Orthoptic testing will assess whether surgery will help.